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Blue Couch Marketing spearheaded a dynamic project with ULTA, redefining packaging aesthetics for their fragrance and beauty departments. Our team curated captivating fragrance sampler sets, enticing beauty sampler sets,  and luxurious skincare sampler kits, aiming to enhance the customer's sensory journey. Collaborating closely with ULTA's marketing team, our designs seamlessly integrated with their marketing decks, creating a unified brand identity. To bring these concepts to life, we delved into impactful product photography, capturing the essence of each item with precision. The result? A visually compelling packaging ensemble that not only elevated ULTA's product presentation but also resonated with its brand ethos, offering customers an enticing and sophisticated experience in the world of fragrance and beauty.


Packaging, Print, & Product Photography



ULTA_Main Image.jpg

Blue Couch Marketing's collaboration with ULTA to elevate their brand identity through innovative packaging design was nothing short of transformative. Leveraging their creative prowess and deep understanding of consumer preferences, Blue Couch Marketing conceptualized and executed packaging designs that captivated audiences and set ULTA apart in the competitive beauty market.

Their designs were not merely containers; they were expressions of ULTA's ethos, embodying its values of inclusivity, quality, and sophistication. By infusing each package with unique elements, from bold typography to vibrant color schemes, Blue Couch Marketing ensured that ULTA's products stood out on the shelves and in the minds of consumers.

Product Photography

Blue Couch Marketing's expertise in product photography extended to showcasing ULTA's packaging with unparalleled flair and precision. Each shot meticulously framed the intricate details and design elements of the packaging, emphasizing its quality and allure. Whether it was the sleek lines of a lipstick tube or the vibrant hues of an eyeshadow palette, their photography captured the essence of ULTA's packaging, elevating it to an art form. With careful attention to lighting, composition, and angle, Blue Couch Marketing's photography not only highlighted the aesthetic appeal of the packaging but also conveyed its functionality and desirability. Their images became a cornerstone of ULTA's branding, resonating with consumers and reinforcing the brand's reputation for excellence in beauty packaging.

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