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La Chatelaine

Blue Couch Marketing had the pleasure of collaborating with La Chatelaine, a French bath, body, and skincare company, to create a captivating brand identity. Our team dedicated considerable time and effort to designing a logo and new packaging that beautifully showcased their hand-crafted bath and body products. In addition, we carefully curated a vibrant and eye-catching color palette that complemented the overall look of their brand. Drawing inspiration from the elegance and charm of French aesthetics, the specially crafted color palette enhanced the visual appeal of La Chatelaine's products, creating an enticing and memorable experience for customers. The harmonious blend of the logo, packaging, and vibrant color palette created a brand identity that captured the essence of La Chatelaine, showcasing their commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and elevating their presence in the market.


Packaging, Print, and Digital Media


La Chatelaine


Blue Couch Marketing embarked on a holistic design journey to craft an enchanting visual story that harmonized across La Chatelaine's entire range of bath and body products.

Drawing inspiration from the allure of French aesthetics, our team meticulously curated a pattern and color palette that resonated with the brand's essence.

The modern French floral pattern, infused with a contemporary twist, became the cornerstone of the design narrative. Complemented by a vibrant and sophisticated color palette, each hue was carefully chosen to evoke emotions and reflect the luxurious experience of La Chatelaine's products. 

Blue Couch Marketing undertook a comprehensive design endeavor for La Chatelaine's product catalog, a showcase of their luxurious bath and body offerings. Having also designed the products and packaging, our team ensured a seamless alignment between the catalog and the visual identity we crafted. The catalog design elegantly mirrored the modern French floral patterns and vibrant color palette that adorned the products and packaging.

With meticulous attention to detail, we created a captivating catalog that not only showcased La Chatelaine's product range but also conveyed a consistent and immersive brand narrative, resonating with the brand's commitment to elegance and indulgence.

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