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Blue Couch Marketing executed extensive projects for Macy's, focusing on the complete overhaul of packaging designs for their fragrance, beauty, and skincare departments. This included the creation of an alluring advent calendar, captivating fragrance sampler sets, and indulgent skincare sampler kits. The scope was expanded to encompass beauty products and packaging, with special attention given to custom-designed cosmetic bags. Our collaboration with Macy's marketing team was pivotal in ensuring that our designs harmonized seamlessly with their marketing decks and overarching brand strategy. Additionally, our team skillfully conducted product photography, capturing the essence of each item. The result was a comprehensive and visually cohesive presentation that elevated Macy's fragrance and beauty offerings, offering customers a luxurious and immersive experience.


Packaging, Print, & Product Photography



Advent Calendar_Main Image.png

In a festive collaboration with Macy's, Blue Couch Marketing brought holiday magic to life through the meticulous design and illustration of Macy's 12 Days of Scent Advent Calendar this holiday season. Taking inspiration from the iconic Macy's building in New York City, our team dedicated careful attention to detail, intricately illustrating and replicating the landmark.

The result was a whimsical and enchanting journey that celebrated both the holiday spirit and the essence of Macy's as a cultural landmark. This bespoke design not only delighted customers with a sensory journey through scents but also added a touch of nostalgic charm, connecting them to the heart of Macy's at the heart of the holiday season.



Product Photography

Blue Couch Marketing approaches the photography of fragrance and beauty items under the "Created for Macy's" brand with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. Our photographers meticulously capture the essence of each product, focusing on highlighting intricate details, textures, and packaging design. We employ techniques that enhance the allure of fragrances, showcasing them in a way that evokes the sensory experience for online customers. For beauty items, our photography emphasizes the colors, formulations, and presentation to provide an accurate and enticing representation. The goal is to create visually stunning imagery that not only aligns with Macy's brand identity but also entices customers to explore and engage with the exclusive beauty offerings on the website.

Macy's Website Screenshot
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